Two Learning Opportunities Coming Up in October 2021!

Register for a half-day online Learning Institute (#1006.0) before the APHA Annual Meeting to start building your own Learning Agenda. The Institute takes place virtually on Saturday, October 23, 2021 (9:00 AM - 12:30 PM Mountain). You do not need to be registered for the APHA Annual Meeting to register for the Learning Institute.

We’ll also be presenting about the Learning Agenda during a virtual session (#5000.0) on Wednesday, October 27, 2021 (9:00-9:15 AM Mountain),  as part of the American Public Health Association 2021 Annual Meeting.

If you experience any issues with the APHA registration process, please refer to their Contact Information page here:

Want to use learning to achieve systems change for public health?

Watch the recording of the February 2, 2021 webinar: “Creating a Learning Agenda for Systems Change: A Toolkit for Building an Adaptive Public Health Workforce”

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The Public Health
Learning Agenda

Facilitate deeper, more robust stages of learning that can increasingly impact systems change

What's Inside the Public Health Learning Agenda Toolkit?

Conceptual Learning Framework

Conceptual Learning Framework

Illustrates the concepts behind the Learning Agenda

Rapid Self-Assessment Tool

Rapid Self-Assessment Tool

Assesses an organization’s current learning state

Discussion Guide


Helps to guide deep discussions about each step of the Learning Framework

Learning Approach Planning Tool

Learning Approach Planning Tool

Assists in designing the learning opportunities that will best fit the challenge type and desired level of impact

Why the Public Health Learning Agenda? Why now?

The public health workforce is currently facing many complex challenges that stand at the root of community health issues.

Existing public health workforce development models focus largely on improving individual competency. Individual competency alone, however, is no longer sufficient to create a workforce equipped to address the current complex challenges occurring at the individual, organizational, community, and systems levels.

The principles behind the Learning Agenda Toolkit are:

  1. Learning must be responsive to community and systems challenges, not just individual roles/competencies.
  2. Different challenges need different learning approaches; the most complex challenges require systems changes.
  3. Greater systems change can be affected by developing a Learning Agenda that offers increasingly more impactful training that focuses on root causes of health and addresses organizational and community competencies.

The goal of the Learning Agenda is to facilitate deeper, more robust stages of learning that can increasingly impact systems change.

The Learning Agenda was developed by the Public Health Learning Network, a national consortium of ten Regional Public Health Training Centers (PHTCs), and their partners, that provide high-quality, relevant training to address the learning needs of the public health workforce

Download the Public Health Learning Agenda Toolkit

The tools in this Toolkit can help organizations and communities be more intentional with their learning to get to the change they envision.

We hope this Learning Agenda Toolkit will be used by practice partners, including public health departments, organizations, workforce development specialists, and associations that champion national workforce strategies, to achieve their goals.

Download The Public Health Learning Agenda

Facilitate deeper, more robust stages of learning that can increasingly impact systems change

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